Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Final Photo Essay

Artist Statement

From the very beginning, I've always wanted a horse. The beauty and power of the horse is undeniable and this drew me to want a horse of my own. Today, I own a horse named Andy and get to ride many others. I have tried numerous equestrian events including 4-H, OHSET, Equestrian Vaulting, Mounted Archery, Youth Rodeo's and many more fun and exciting events. My favorite times to be at the barn are early morning or late afternoon when the sun is about to rise or set. The calmness in the air is a mysterious thing and it helps to relax the mind. Running bareback on a horse through a field is another of my favorite things to do. The wind blows in your face and all you do is live in the present. There is nothing else you think about but the joy horses bring you. I have been lucky enough to enjoy a life with horses in it thanks to my parents. Horses are not cheap. They cost a lot and there are chores that are involved with the life of each horse, but the happiness they bring people is worth it all. Horses are amazing animals everyone should get to experience this at least once in their life. 
Each horse has their own personality, some are calm and relaxed "bomb proof", others can be aggressive, but if you work long enough with them you learn how to deal with each horse. Horses are living breathing animals that weigh way more than humans. You can't push a horse around like they are your annoying little sister. You have to build a relationship that is full of trust. You have to work with a horse not against them. You learn from them, they don't learn from you. Thats the beauty of horses, once you gain their trust, they will take you anywhere. Horses come in many heights and colors. Each has something they are good at just like humans. There is jumping, dressage, english, western, reining, saddleseat, driving, vaulting, gaming and many, many more things. The horse is an amazing animal. They have impacted my life greatly and although I have given up a lot to have them in my life, like a social life, I wouldn't want it any other way. Horses complete me and they are a joy to work with. However said that horses were easy are wrong. Horses are hard work, but it is worth every second. 

The Life Of A Horse

Two horses are grazing in a pasture. During the warmer months, horses spend their time outside. Horses are herd animals and prefer to have a buddy. Andy, a sorrel with flaxen mane and tail, is pictured on the right and Benelli, a black, is pictured on the left. 

A barn facility in Newberg, Oregon surrounded by green pastures for horses to graze. Each barn usually has stalls for the horses to come in and stay dry in the cooler and rainier months. 

Teagan Johnson, an athlete on the Tualatin High School equestrian team, is pictured with her horse (Kobe?). They qualified for state in a number of events including Showmanship, Huntseat, Horsemanship, and In Hand Obstacle Relay (IHOR). 

Teagan and Kobe showing at state in their Huntseat class.

Dawn Dravis, another athlete on the Tualatin High School equestrian team, is pictured brushing her horses tail. She will be showing in a Saddleseat class at state and the judges are looking for a well groomed horse along with a polished ride. 

Andy, wearing his western bridal, is ready for a ride which will involve tuning up the skills he knows, as well as, start learning some new ones.

On sunny days after a hard workout, horses like to have a relaxing way to cool off. Trails rides outside are a nice way for a horse to unwind. 

Close-up of a horses eye. Horses express a lot of their moods through their eyes and ears. Looking closely at their eyes gives a rider or handler an inside on how their horse feels. 

Close up of a horses hoof. Horses hooves should be tough to allow them to walk on any surface of ground. Once a month, horses usually get their hooves trimmed, which in like a person clipping their finger nails.

Horses need to have sturdy legs to hold their body as well as a rider. 

There are different styles of riding. This is a roping (western saddle) used most of the time for ranch work.

A horse grazing in the pasture on a sunny afternoon.

Andy getting up from a nice roll in the mud. Horses often times love to roll in the mud, especially after a hard work out or bath.

A horse in her pasture munching on her morning meal of hay. She has a fly mask over her face to protect her eyes from the annoying flies that land on her face. The fly mask is see through so that the horse can still see. 

Horses are curious animals and will often come right up and say "Hi". Benelli is pictured on the right and Andy is pictured on the left. 

Tail end of a group of horses preparing to be shown by their owners in a team event (IHOR) at state. Each horse has had a bath and polished to perfection in order to look their best in the show ring. 

Photogs' Choice